Indian Wedding Decoration


Indian Wedding Decoration


Best Indian Wedding Deco in Singapore

Entrance Draping

Stage Draping

Stage Decor Props

Stage Carpet

Basic Mandap Setup

Grand Mandap Setup

Aisle Walkway Decor

Reception Table Decor

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Display

Entrance Feature Decor Props

Wedding Sofa and Ceremony Low Comfort Cushions

Stage Backdrop Lighting

Entrance Side Deco Props

Wedding Customised Banner

Dinning Area Table Centerpiece

Wedding Flower Arch

ROM Ceremony Decor Setup

Stage Structure Setup

Malayalee Set of Ceremony items

Hindu Arasani Set of items


Table Cloths

Tiffany Chairs and Banquet Chairs

Chair Cover Cloths


Unveiling Elegance: Discover Your Dream Indian Wedding Decoration

Step into the realm of mesmerizing Indian wedding decorations with Alangkaar. Our meticulously tailored designs, curated three to six months before your big day, mark the inception of an enchanting celebration.

Alangkaar offers mesmerizing Indian wedding decorations tailored three to six months before your celebration. Beyond embellishments, we craft an ambiance mirroring your unique love story. From Punjabi vibrancy to Nikkah elegance and Church grace, each decor style narrates an unforgettable chapter of your journey

Choosing Alangkaar for your Indian wedding decoration isn’t just about embellishments; it’s about crafting an enchanting ambiance that mirrors your unique love story. We’re committed to making your wedding ambiance magical, ensuring every detail and design narrates an unforgettable chapter of your journey.

Let Alangkaar weave elegance and care into every decor element, creating an ambiance that echoes the tale of your love.

indian Wedding Decoration

indian Wedding Decoration services

Discover the epitome of cultural grandeur and meticulous attention to detail with Alangkaar’s Indian Wedding Decoration Services. We infuse every element with a touch of elegance and tradition, ensuring your celebration radiates timeless splendor. Experience the essence of opulence and tradition with Alangkaar’s Wedding Decorations.


Ascend to grandeur with our tailored Indian wedding decoration services

Embark on a mesmerizing journey of Indian Wedding Decorations with Alangkaar, encompassing the vibrancy of Punjabi weddings, the solemnity of Nikkah ceremonies, and the elegance of Church weddings. Our tailored services immerse you in a world of opulence and tradition, offering:

  • Bespoke Themes
  • Venue Enhancement
  • Attire Harmonization
  • Artistic Direction
  • Precision Craftsmanship
  • Timely Execution

Beyond decoration, our services promise an immersive experience, crafting an ambiance that resonates with the essence of each wedding tradition. Trust Alangkaar to weave an enchanting tapestry of elegance and cultural richness, capturing timeless memories that honor the unique essence of your celebration.

indian Wedding Decoration

Frequently Asked Questions

Alangkaar offers a diverse range of decor themes, from traditional and cultural to modern and fusion, tailored to suit your preferences and wedding traditions.

We recommend booking our Indian wedding decorations services at least 6-12 months before your wedding date to secure your preferred themes, designs, and schedules.

Yes, our team offers on-site consultations and venue visits to understand your vision better, ensuring seamless execution and meticulous planning.

At Alangkaar, our commitment lies in blending cultural richness with contemporary elegance, meticulously curating decor that captures the essence of tradition while radiating timeless sophistication.

Absolutely! We take pride in customizing Indian wedding decorations to honor and celebrate diverse cultural and regional nuances, ensuring your wedding reflects your unique heritage.

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