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Corporate Events

Partial Coordination

Product Launches

Alangkaar specializes in Product Launches, ensuring your new product captures the spotlight it deserves. We create captivating events that highlight your innovation, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.
Team Building event

Team Building

Alangkaar’s Team Building events strengthen collaboration and morale within your organization. We design engaging activities that promote teamwork, communication, and personal development, ensuring a more cohesive and motivated team.
Award Ceremonies

Award Ceremonies

Alangkaar specializes in Award Ceremonies that honor outstanding achievements. We create memorable events that celebrate excellence and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of your honorees with style and grace.

Corporate Retreats

Alangkaar’s Corporate Retreats are designed to strengthen the relationships and teamwork among your employees. Our carefully curated retreats provide opportunities for relaxation, team building, and personal growth, ensuring a more unified and motivated workforce.
Award Ceremonies


Alangkaar specializes in Exhibitions, where we create immersive experiences that bring your ideas to life. We design captivating displays and events that engage your audience and allow you to showcase your vision with impact and creativity.


Social Events

Birthday parties

Birthday Parties

Alangkaar excels in Birthday Parties, crafting memorable celebrations that honor your milestones. We design fun and unforgettable events that create joy, laughter, and cherished memories for you and your loved ones.

Full coordination

Anniversary Celebrations

Alangkaar specializes in Anniversary Celebrations, crafting events that celebrate enduring love. We create memorable and romantic occasions that honor your journey as a couple, ensuring that every moment is filled with love and nostalgia.

Baby Showers

There are moments in life that deserve to be cherished forever, and the anticipation of a new life is one such moment. At Alangkaar Wedding Planner, we understand the significance of celebrating the journey to parenthood, and we’re here to make your baby shower a memory to hold close to your heart.

Holiday parties

Holiday Parties

The holiday season is a time for joy, festivities, and creating magical memories. At Alangkaar, we believe that every holiday party is an opportunity to turn dreams into reality. Whether you’re planning an intimate family gathering or a grand corporate celebration, we have the expertise and creativity to make your holiday event truly unforgettable.


Special Occasions

Full coordination

Engagement Parties

With years of experience in event planning, we have the knowledge and expertise to make your engagement party a resounding success. Our team is known for their innovative ideas and creative concepts, making each event unique and personalized.We work with trusted vendors and partners to ensure top-notch services.

Album Creation & Frame Printing

Bridal Showers

A bridal shower is a heartfelt celebration of a bride’s journey, a time for close friends and family to offer love and support before her wedding. Alangkaar creates unique, beautiful bridal showers that celebrate love, friendship, and the path to marriage, making each event as special as the bride herself.

Reunion event services


Reunions are moments of reconnection, reminiscence, and joy in the bonds that unite us. Alangkaar understands their importance and designs memorable reunion parties. We bridge the past and present, celebrating shared experiences and strengthening connections, crafting events that spark joy and create lasting memories.

Cultural Events

Cultural Events (Deepavali, Eid, etc.)

Cultural events enliven traditions, celebrating heritage with vibrant customs passed through generations. Alangkaar embraces cultural diversity, providing top-quality event planning services for occasions like Deepavali and Eid, weaving a tapestry of traditions into unforgettable experiences.

Corporate & Social Event Services

We specialize in crafting memorable events that capture the essence of your vision. Our expert planning and coordination ensure every detail is beautifully orchestrated, creating unforgettable experiences for both corporate and social occasions.

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