Indian Wedding Videography & Cinematography by Alangkaar Bridal Studio


Alangkaar Bridal Studio Cinematography and Videography projects can be view on our Facebook, Vimeo, and youtube. Just like wedding photography films, Indian Wedding cinematography have transformed from simple coverage into cinematic scope documentary style wedding films. Our cinematic movies are documented stories that tell the beauty of your wedding day, filmed in our creative and artistic theme.

Using the very latest and best technology available, our wedding films are tailored for your big wedding day and to perfectly complement your wedding photos. Scroll down to see some of our latest work for Indian Wedding Cinematography events.

The chances are pretty good that you are wondering whether or not you should get both Indian wedding day photography as well as Indian wedding videography in Singapore. Perhaps you are wondering if you should opt for pre-wedding photography too. There is such a wide range of Indian wedding photography services available nowadays that finding a cheap and good Indian wedding photographer in Singapore can feel like one more overwhelming task on your long to-do list.

You might feel that getting both actual day wedding photography and videography are a bit too much. Or, possibly the wedding photography prices have your stomach in knots before you get to tie the knot and now you are looking for ways that you can save some money. Well, you will not regret getting a freelance photographer in Singapore who can do wedding videography.


There are many reasons why you should look for an actual day wedding package that includes wedding videography. For starters, you can speak to any bride or groom and they will all tell you that your wedding day that you have been planning so carefully for months just flies by in a matter of seconds and unfortunately you will miss quite a few significant moments and special guests on your actual wedding day.


Though, if you decide on wedding videography, your videographer could have successfully captured those special once-in-a-lifetime moments that you have missed such as the reaction of your best friend as you walked down the aisle or the way your brother cried while you shared your beautiful vows.


Also, while it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, your photos will not be able to eternalize memorable sounds such as the music that played during your wedding reception or the loving speeches that were made by your loved ones.  


So, now that you better understand why getting wedding videography is a must-have, be sure to have a qualified wedding videographer on your big day!